Role: Programmer
Project: Academic Project
Language: Processing
Tools used: Processing
Duration: One Week
Team or Solo: Team 
challenge: Create a sketch that would simulate an existing natural system.
Look at:  physics, biology, and other natural sciences for good examples

parameters:  Create classes of entities to represent the components of the system
                  Use vectors to represent forces existing in the system
             Use randomness or noise to generate at least one
             Add direct or indirect mouse or keyboard controls
We worked to figure out a concept and we had to ask ourselves:
What are the forces the environment might exert on the system?

Seeds : We were leaning towards the idea of the factors that affect tree growth.
Environment: We then decided that controlling the environment could be an interesting way to interact.

Dirt : After receiving feedback from our instructor, adding 2 different types of dirt would improve the interaction
Once we decided on the concept of having the user control the environment that affects how the "trees" grow, we split up the work to build the entire concept.
Simulation Description
The user will be able to change the weather pattern. it will be the goal to balance the growth of the plants with the different weather patterns.
Our final outcome is a tree Simulator that you can test and see the code for yourself within open processing.
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